Bowen Island Wellness Center

Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine


What if we imagined our body/mind/spirits as marvellously balanced ecosystems of trillions of cells, all committed to working together for the benefit of the whole? How then might we work to maintain and/or regain the dynamic balance of these systems when, for example, the earth gets too soggy or muddy, summer heat dries up the the rivers and streams, or a pathogenic influence interrupts the healthy functioning of the airways? I strive, through my practice, to find these imbalances or obstructions, and help my patients regain their natural and fundamental inclination to harmony and balance.

My extensive training and experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine provides me with a sophisticated healthcare model which has been modified and honed over thousands of years, to become a valuable complement to our modern Western healthcare model. It provides a different way of looking at health, wellness, illness, and disease, and with that, different and additional options for treatment.